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allow user to simply click on the screen to switch over to their bookmarks/apps

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    Pascal Kam shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • [Deleted User] commented  · 

        من تواستان فارس هستم ولی هر وقت باز میکنم نقشه استان تهران رو نشون میده

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        are you waiting for every one to DIE FIRST BEFORE U CHOOSE??????????????

      • Jamal McDowell commented  · 

        Glad to see you are working on this. Keep up the good work!

      • Pace commented  · 

        Yes a link to chrome://apps would be awesome!

      • Thomas P commented  · 

        I don't use chrome's 'frequent pages' at all, but I do use the bookmarks bar. Specifically, I use the option to show the bookmarks bar only on new tabs. I suggest adding the same functionality to Currently (i.e. bookmarks bar appears on Currently, but disappears when you leave Currently). Unfortunately, the link to the Classic new tab page is not a satisfactory substitute (two clicks is one click too many to use a bookmark!)

      • Matthew Redmond commented  · 

        A shift + Click or small app launcher icon and book mark icon in the bottom left corner would be greatly appreciated!!

      • Caleb Jones commented  · 

        Please for the love of God add a click on screen or work with Google to allot opening the normal new tab. I want to use this but I can't find an easy way to get to my extensions.

      • Phil White commented  · 

        How about the option where Currently stays on the screen for X seconds then changes to the tabs / home page -- that would be perfect for me!

      • Will J commented  · 

        I agree that this would be useful and convenient, but not that it is worth uninstalling over.. You only have to drag your mouse a few inches to click on the "Default" icon.

      • Adrian Ho commented  · 

        I agree w/ Tom below. This would be a great feature, and I understand why others insist on it. But I use the new tab page as just a blank canvas, no clicks no nothing, I go straight to the address bar. So if this was a feature that was toggle-able that would be great.

      • acseven commented  · 

        This is a dealbreaker feature. I have enabled and eventually disabled currently because of not having this. One should be able just to click anywhere for switching to the bookmarks/apps page.

      • Hari Krishna Vemuri commented  · 

        Please. I want this feature too. I like currently but want an easier way switch to bookmarks/apps

      • Brandon Clifford commented  · 

        I have multiple monitors. I like to have this open full screen on monitors that I am not using. I do not like having this as my new tab start page. If it was an app that I could add to my tab start page would be nice.

      • Glenn commented  · 

        I am waiting for this big time!!!!

      • zzh commented  · 


      • Andy Wilkinson commented  · 

        Gorgeous app, but I ended up having to uninstall it. I use Chrome's top-sites a lot. SERIOUSLY in love with this, though.

        What if there was an option to choose the default behaviour in settings? New tab could default to Currently or to the standard Chrome apps/top-sites (with Currently listed under "Apps.")

        Or even better: have you guys considered mirroring Currently as a simple website? (current.ly perhaps)? That's something I'd just keep open on my iPad all day!

      • Tom commented  · 

        A click, a shift-click, a hotkey, all of these would be very good options. I like this extension a lot, but without a more convenient way to quickly get to the "normal" apps and bookmarks, I may have to uninstall it. It is a fantastic extension otherwise!

      • Kobi commented  · 

        The only issue with this is that it might cause a bit of confusion. You might accidentally click on it and then, all of a sudden, you're on the classic New Tab page.

      • me commented  · 

        Both this, and the shift+click comment STRONGLY get my vote

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